How Do I Farm Gems In Lords Mobile?

What happens if you run out of food in Lords mobile?

What happens when you run out of food.

Nothing happens, your troops stay alive even with negative food income.

It’s a bug that players have been exploiting since the start of the game, having very little food income as their troops will not die as they should..

What should I spend my gems on in Lords mobile?

After the 3 expensive buildings (prison, battle hall, altar), spend your gems on bravehearts to upgrade either your colosseum team(to earn more gems) or your war team. The heroes for your war team and your colosseum team could overlap so you can be efficient in using bravehearts.

How many treasure troves can you have in Lords mobile?

In Lords Mobile, Treasure Trove max level is 9 with a max deposit of 20 000 gems and an 85% Basic interest (plus 20% bonus interest). As you know Basic interest is always the same, while the bonus interest rate is increasing by leveling up the Treasure Trove.

What are gem lodes Lords mobile?

Gem lodes are special tiles that appear in random places much like a resource tile, except you can gather gems from them. They are a reward for KvK, but they are also occasionally part of a celebration. The higher the lode level, the more gems that are available to be gathered from it.

Does Lords mobile delete inactive accounts?

For the Phase 1: if an account is being inactive, not logging in, its castle will be moved to the border of the kingdom (days it will be moved depends on the level of the castle). … Account will be delete automatically (days it will be deleted depends on the level of the castle).

What can I buy in Lords mobile?

In this article, we will deal with all the other Lords Mobile Store purchases aside for heroes.Daily Recurring Packs. 30-Day Supply Chest. Login Gifts. Turf Bundles.Gem Packs.Packs for War Gear.Up and Away (Migration)Jewel Packs.Familiar Awakening Packs.Monster Hunting Packs.Ember Chests.

Where are gem lodes in Lords mobile?

the victorious kingdomGem lodes spawn in the victorious kingdom right after KvK, and at every 6 hours for 24 hours.

How often is KvK in Lords mobile?

Kingdom Clash, known also as Kingdom vs Kingdom (or KvK, for short), is a 24 hour event (technically lasts exactly 23 hours 30 minutes) where different Kingdoms in Lords Mobile complete against each other. When individual players score points, these will contribute to their Kingdoms overall point count.

Can I transfer gems in Lords mobile?

Therefore, players are unable to transfer Gems from TW-Beta Version to Lords Mobile Servers. Please do not worry.

How often do gem lodes appear Lords mobile?

every 6 hoursAfter KvK, Gem Lodes spawn every 6 hours, starting with Level 1 Lodes, and increasing up to Level 5, in the winning Kingdom.

Can I hack Lords mobile?

Lords Mobile No Root– your smartphone doesn’t require high-risk root for using the hack. Lords Mobile No Jailbreak Required – the hack works without Jailbreak.

Who is the strongest player in Lords mobile?

iamBrenChong[A2Z] iamBrenChong was leading the list of strongest player in Lords moblie. But, from this year [2019] the rankings of top 10 players are fluctuating. Many people has invested thousands of dollars in this game.